Saturday, February 24, 2018


I am having problems with logging into Blogger.  Therefore, I am in the process of starting a new blog on a new platform. It's time for a change anyway.  So--since I can only post on here from my phone or very old iPad, this will be the last post here except for one: the URL of the new blog (when it gets set up). Thank you!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 12/29/17

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1. A quiet Christmas - both children were with their spouses in their respective homes, so Mike and I had an enjoyable meal with my folks and my sister.  

2. In the morning, we went to one of our favorite bird haunts, which have been very quiet for the past few weeks.  However, I got several good pictures on that trip:

Eastern phoebe - a common bird even at our house, but not easy to get a picture of.
Immature red-shouldered hawk.  Immatures are difficult to identify, but this is what someone on a bird forum told me.  I'll take his word for it.  :-) 
Cropped photo of a male belted kingfisher. 
 I dub the above picture, the pic of the day.  Someone wrote on a bird forum that a kingfisher sounds like "a playing card clipped to bicycle spokes."  Great descriptive phrase.

3. Daughter gave us a duck-stamp jigsaw puzzle for Christmas.  It's all metallic browns and golds, which is not easy on our OLD eyes.  But we've had fun putting it together this week.  Mike says we will frame it.  :-)

4. Recent work:

One scarf on the left is mine; one I gave to my sister; the hat is in the "not sure yet" pile.  The scarf in the right hand picture went to my daughter in law.

5. Two whole weeks of rest.  I've needed it.  The recuperation from this surgery takes longer than re-entry into society.  I have really enjoyed this break.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 12-15-17

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This will be a little different FFF due to the events of the past week.  :-)

1. Today, by the grace of God, I celebrate having lived on this earth for six decades.  I am very thankful for all that He has done in my life.

2. Last Saturday, our children and their spouses (and my folks) pulled off a big surprise.  Mike's birthday was a week ago Thursday, and he had a milestone birthday also.  So our children planned a surprise party at a local restaurant.  ML and her husband drove four hours to be here for this special event.  Several good friends and family members were there, and we were very surprised.  It was a great evening!!  It was especially nice because of our recuperations from surgeries, from which he's faced limited activity and I've faced a lot of ongoing fatigue.  So the party was a great diversion.

The six of us.

2. Of course, this is also the last week of school before Christmas break, so last night was our beautiful school program.  I'm not supposed to post pictures of students on private blogs or FB pages, but suffice it to say that that program was a true worship service.  Our music teacher does a beautiful job of planning a program that gives glory to the true reason for Christmas, and makes it enjoyable also.  It was a great night.

3. Before the program, my dear friend of many years, Nancy, took me out for my birthday. 

4. Then today, after I got home from a half-day of school, our son drives up and brings me this, from both children and their spouses.  Beautiful!!

5. And a half hour after that, the doorbell rang, with another flower arrangement from my dear friend Gretchen!  I have felt greatly celebrated this week.

Just to keep my feet on the ground, precious husband reminded me, "Just think - you're halfway to 120."  :-)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday's Fave Five 12-1-17

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1. A good week overall.  I am still tired by the end of the day, and have pain when I push, pull, or lift anything that is too heavy, but this week was not exhausting like some of the previous ones have been.

2. Helpful parents.  It's still very wearing to do much shopping, and I needed printer ink this week - the nearby Wal-Mart was out.  Dad stopped and got what I needed while Mom was at an appointment.  I appreciate their help!

3. These birds.  Terrible picture but fun experience.  The bird on the left is a blue morph snow goose (a lifer for Mike and me), the two in the middle, along with another that is not seen in this picture, are greater white-fronted geese; and the white one is a Ross's goose.  All three rare for this area, feeding together in a field in the area where we like to go.  Rare bird alert websites are very helpful in finding such things.

4. It was nice to be with this lady on Sunday night.  She and her family were often good to my son when he was in China.  Any time he had to go to Beijing, they hosted him and basically played substitute family to him.  They also hosted me for three nights at the end of my trip there.  She and her husband were at our church Sunday night, and we took them out afterward.  Very thankful for the work that they are doing in China - and also thankful for their kindness to Andrew.  A mother doesn't forget when people are kind to her kids!!

 5. These are this week's yarn efforts.  The scarf on the right is actually from last week; however, I added the hat to go with it.  Working with yarn has become so relaxing to me.

And a bonus!  A good friend, whose daughter will be joining two of my classes in January, stopped by so that we can make sure her daughter is at the right place in her studies.  She happens to be a very, very good baker, and she brought two of these (I guess I have to give one to Mike!!!).  We will have a treat this evening.  They smelled wonderful all day!!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 11-24-17

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1. Thanksgiving at Mike's sister's (and husband's) house.  A lovely meal at their lovely home.  Always nice to be with family.  It was a beautiful day and we spent part of it in the yard.

Son and nephew.  Proud of them both.

These two below were a big help to us today, working in the yard and helping with housework.  It was very much appreciated!!

 2. Last Saturday night I was able to leave Mike long enough from his surgery recuperation (two days out by then) to go to see our school's musical.  For a small high school (approximately 85 students), the drama and choir teachers put on a great production of Christmas Carol.  The student shown below is enjoying towering over me.  Briefly.

 3. I brought this home a few days ago - it had been at school.  My second banner made by the students - the first one was a "We'll miss you" poster; this one was a "Welcome Back."  I'll enjoy it for a few more days and then take it to the trash - can't hang onto everything forever.  But it was very nice of them!

4. The last couple of weeks' worth of crochet work.  When I have to spend a lot of time resting, it's nice to have something to do with my hands.

5. We are doing OK.  Mike is recuperating from his second shoulder surgery in three months.  He's having the expected amount of pain.  And I have discovered that the doctor is right - the fatigue from this surgery lasts much longer than when the patient has to get back into the mainstream of life.  But we will make it!!  And we have so much to be thankful for.  Doing OK is one of those things.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 11-3-17

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1. Today marks the end of my six-week surgery "sabbatical." I was supposed to return to work full-time on Monday; however, things have worked out well for me to teach just one class on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  I'll start back full time on Wednesday.  That gives me a three-day week for the first week, which is much more manageable for working back into things.  I'm thankful for a substitute who is willing to teach two more days, a boss who is agreeable to this arrangement, and also a husband who insisted on my working in gradually.

2. The lady who used to help me with my house occasionally no longer cleans houses; however, she is willing to come next week to help me get it good and clean.  That is such a relief.  I can't pick up much weight at all, or push a vacuum or mop (what a shame!!) :-) -- and my husband's shoulder is giving him problems, so he can't clean very well either.  So I am grateful that this super-duper lady is willing to come help me this time.

3. This week's blanket.  Not real thrilled with how the colors turned out; however, it's a good way to use up yarn.  I have way, way too much yarn.  Acquiring yarn may have turned into an obsession? 

4. Caramel apples.  My precious aunt sent me some from a store near her home that is known for them.  They were delicious.

5. I went with Mike for his orthopedist appt. this morning, and we stopped by a new place for us for breakfast.  I had sweet potato pancakes with pecans and cinnamon syrup.  Very autumn-like and very good!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Goodbye October

Why is October always in such a hurry to go?

My friend Kristin Waite Smith took this photo and captioned it perfectly.  I asked permission to post it because it is so beautiful.  And true.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Anthony Doerr spent ten years writing this book.  Its construction is so careful, and deliberate, and artistic, that ten years almost doesn't seem like enough to get it written.

This book contains the parallel stories of Werner and Marie- Laure.  Werner is a young boy with great talent in electronics who grows up in the early years of the Nazi regime.   He learns his trade from finding old radio parts and an old electronics/math textbook, and he teaches himself how to build radios.  He and his sister spend many late evenings in their orphanage listening to signals that they pick up - many from the west, including signals from an old man who broadcasts stories and music.

Werner is chosen for a select boarding school for training Nazi officers, even though he is a small boy, because of his ability to trace radio signals.  He leaves behind at the orphanage his younger sister, Jutta, a girl of keen insight into the wrongness of the Reich, and he spends many nights trying to reconcile what he is doing with the deep-in-his-heart knowledge that his sister is right.

The other part of the story is about Marie-Laure, a blind French girl who lives with her father, who is responsible for all the keys in a huge national French museum.  Marie-Laure and her father are forced to flee when the Nazis enter Paris, and they go to the home of an eccentric uncle who lives in Saint-Malo, a near-island on the coast of France, in a home that is as eccentric as the uncle is - five stories high and very narrow. Uncle lives on the fifth floor and never goes outside.

These two young people live completely separate lives, until near the end of the war, when their lives cross for twenty-four very important hours.

The format, very effective, is to intersperse a short chapter about Werner with another short chapter about Marie-Laure.

The other plot in this book involves a mysterious rare gemstone that was held at the museum, and a German officer whose job is to find that stone. (This story also relates to that of Marie-Laure.)  So short chapters about that are also included from time to time.

I had seen several reviews written by people who said they could not put this book down.  I could see why.  The stories are gripping.

The book is about war, and awful things happened in war.  So some awful things are written about in this book.  A few usages of bad language are included.  However - nothing is gratuitous (in my opinion) and nothing is too explicit.

For a mature reader, who likes well-constructed imagery, and who is not afraid to see from the inside how horrible regimes can develop, this is an outstanding book.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 10-20-17

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1. Went to the grocery store this morning, which is a much bigger deal than it used to be!  Mike went along to carry anything heavy and to haul bags around.  But I got what was needed without being too exhausted in the store.  It's time to get moving a little - I only have two weeks left before going back to work.

My dad took me to a couple of doctor appointments this week.  That was a big help as well--so I am getting out more and more.
2. Yet another week of great help and support from family and friends.  I don't think we've had to "scrounge" for supper more than a night or two in the past month.  We had more good suppers provided again this week.

3. I am so pleased to have a wonderful substitute during this six weeks of absence from school.  I can relax much more knowing that things are being taken care of with my classes.  

4. This week's finished blanket.  It's made entirely with the yarn that has a metallic thread running through it.  I thought I would really enjoy working with that, but it wasn't to be.  The black in particular is difficult to see and work with, and for some reason the metallic strip makes it harder.  But I did think the colors were nice.  They are small blankets and they are going to a group that has places where they distribute these smaller ones.  I am enjoying having more time to work with yarn during this forced time aside.

5. Enjoying our porch.  We have not been able to use the porch over the years as much as expected.  The springtime brings with it so much pollen that keeping the porch clean is impractical.  And the summers are so beastly hot.  However, the temps are going down, and with this beautiful fall weather, we are now going out there more.  Mike vacuumed the floor and I wiped down the tables.  It's perfect for reading in the afternoon.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday's Fave Five - 10-13-17

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1. Doing a little better every day, after surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago.  Actually, it's more like two steps forward, one step back.  But I am learning that the admonition to take it easy, and rest, rest, rest, is not just a suggestion.  It is an absolute necessity.

2. Many kindnesses from many people.  Friends, family, Sunday school class - Many have brought us food.  My mom has shopped for us.  Dad is taking me to dr. appointments (two surgeries - two doctors).  

3. A huge kindness worthy of its own mention:  Our neighbor is, as I write this, outside cutting our grass.  He cut it the first time the day I was in surgery, and this is now the third time he's cut it.  It's a huge help, since Mike still can't cut it due to his own shoulder issues.  We are so grateful for his help.

4. The students have been very kind.  This banner was made by the students at school.  It's not visible, but all the students signed it.  We've put it in front of the fireplace (not needed in our ridiculous 90 degree October heat) where I can enjoy their kind gesture every day.
The fifth grade teacher came to visit and brought student-made cards.  This one is too funny.  Apparently the teacher told the students that we are Carolina Gamecock fans--and we live in the middle of Clemson territory, so not everyone agrees.  One little girl wrote this to me.  Brings a smile every time I look at it.
5. Finally - I finished this last night.  The stitch makes a beautiful blanket; however, I won't use it too often because it requires so much weaving in of cut yarn threads if it's done in such a way to make it pretty.  Next time I would leave out the purple and beige, and just stick to green, yellow, white, and the two blue shades.  Who knows - maybe I will try it again.