Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday's Fave Five 1-11-19

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1. This picture may not seem like much, but it is beautiful to me.  My husband was able to get out today, and cut down the lantana bushes that have been dead since October.  He usually gets that job done sometime in November, but was unable to this fall due to his health situation.  He is doing so much better since getting a diagnosis from a rheumatologist ten days ago, and the fact that he has been able to get out and do yard work today makes it a very important FFF item for which I am thankful.

2. Finished bedroom with lamps.  We liked the lamps when we saw them in a furniture store a couple of weeks ago, and almost bought them that day - until I saw a bird poop stain on one of the shades.  :-)  So the store had to order us new ones.  (Doesn't it always go that way!)  They came in this week and Mike picked them up yesterday.  They match perfectly.

3. I've had a stubborn case of bronchitis, but returned to an urgent care yesterday for a breathing treatment and a steroid shot.  Today is so much better.  Breathing and coughing are not the main things I have to think about today.

4. Supper the other night with dear friends that we do not see very often.  Always nice to be with them.

5. I just bought a FitBit!!  It's time.  It was on sale at Target, I had three gift cards that have been in my pocketbook for too long already, and I had another $60 of gift money in with the gift cards.  So total expense to me was quite low.  Now I've got to learn to use it.  :-)

Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday's Fave Five 1-4-19

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I am writing this on Thursday night due to being very busy tomorrow with Homecoming activities at my school.  I will set it to post early morning, and hopefully will remember to link it sometime during the day tomorrow.

1. The biggest thing is what happened yesterday.  My husband has had some autoimmune joint issues for about three months now, and they have been steadily getting more serious and incapacitating.  We had had the usual experiences with the medical community - delays in getting tests done due to the holidays, etc.  The worst was having his referral to a specialist lost in a hospital system network, which delayed getting help for him by two weeks.  However, yesterday we had an appointment with a young rheumatologist in a nearby city.  This doctor spent almost an hour with us.  He took a thorough history, did a thorough exam, and drew fluid off his knee.  He gave us a tentative diagnosis, which I read about online later, and this diagnosis fits Mike's symptoms to a T.  We think we are on the way to getting him taken care of, and we are very, very thankful to God for this development.

2. I came down with bronchitis last Saturday.  I went to an urgent care on Monday morning, got on an antibiotic, and am still dealing with the aftereffects.  But it is improving!

3. Daughter got back to her city safely today.  That is always a big relief.

4. Productive day at school today.  My first day back, since I went with Mike to his appointment yesterday, and was sick as well.  I have to have three exams ready for Monday, so have to be on the ball to get everything done.  It's a good feeling to know I'm getting somewhere.

5. Finally - these are repeat pictures from a previous post.  But they are so beautiful that I wanted to put them on FFF.  My niece made the first dish, a kale salad with pomegranates, goat cheese, and nuts, for our Christmas meal.  And my sister is into making macarons, and they look very nice in this dish.