Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday's Fave Five 8-9-19

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1. Inservice has started and my room is done.  I didn't get any pictures taken of it, but it is done.  Always a load off of my mind.  I have to give a workshop on Monday morning on bloodborne pathogens, but I've done that in the past, so it shouldn't be too much of a burden on my mind this weekend.

2. We enjoyed our property last weekend, taking a long weekend there since we didn't get a vacation this summer.  I always enjoy watching Mike mow.  He loves to do that, and he is loving having a piece of land.
3. A crazy wild goose chase that was so funny that it was fun.  We went out Monday to look at a couch/love seat combination for the living quarters at our property.  I accidentally had the wrong address to start with, at the location of another yard sale last weekend.  The people came out to speak to us, wondering why we were there, and we were wondering why they didn't mention the couch.  (We had been in contact with the owners, who were expecting us.)  After some small talk, when Mike said we were there to look at the couch, they said "What couch?" Major fail on my part.  Then we finally found the right location (fortunately close by) but couldn't figure out how to get in, as it was in a warehouse/auction house.  We had to go through two other junky businesses (I'm not sure what they were selling) and wait for a door to be unlocked, just to go see the couch - which, after we sat in it, Mike whispered "I wouldn't take that couch if they gave it to us."  It sure looked better in the pictures.  You gotta laugh.

4. Lindor 70% Cocoa Truffles.  I allow myself one each night as they are only four carbs apiece - not  as high as most Lindor Truffles.  They are decadent and they fill that need to have something sweet.  And they don't ruin my eating plan.

5. The best for last:  I had to go to the doctor yesterday for an issue.  While there, I had an A1C done since it has been three months - and it was down to 6.  That's in spite of cheating a little this summer.  The doctor said if it's any lower it will not be considered a diabetic A1C.  (Now, that's with two strong diabetic drugs in me, so it doesn't mean I will no longer have diabetes.)  But that is great news; it does mean that maybe I can consider in the future going off some of the meds.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday's Fave Five 8-2-19

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1. This blanket is almost done!  I plan to take it down to the farm when it is finished.  It's made from "sugar wheels" by Yarn Bee.  A few weeks ago, Hobby Lobby had some discontinued sugar wheels marked way down, so I got three of them - the purple and green at the beginning, middle, and end.  That wasn't enough, so I got two more sugar wheels that were shades of purple.  It's nice to crochet with those wheels because the colors change without having to change yarn very often.  I love how the colors turned out.

Example of a sugar wheel - picture
pulled off the internet.
2. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches.  The tomatoes right now are mid-summer perfect, and I get several every Saturday at the local farmers' market.  A BLT is the best sandwich ever.  I can't eat them like I used to (with two pieces of white bread); however, I use one piece of rye bread on the bottom and a large piece of lettuce for the top.  It works.

3. A good last full week of summer vacation.  I start back to teacher inservice next Tuesday, but I've enjoyed these last days, getting a lot done around the house.  

4. Some new clothes.  :-)  I always feel better about starting the school year with a few new pieces in my closet.  And - the best part - I needed to buy some new slacks because last year's were too big.  It's great to try on new clothes just to see how they look instead of being concerned that they will be too tight.

5. Great times with friends.  This week we took two different sets of friends down to show them the farm - two on Monday, and two last night.  This pic was taken last night.  I cropped off our friends just because I don't know if they want to be displayed all over the internet.  But we had a lovely time with them.