Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday's Fave Five 8-2-19

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1. This blanket is almost done!  I plan to take it down to the farm when it is finished.  It's made from "sugar wheels" by Yarn Bee.  A few weeks ago, Hobby Lobby had some discontinued sugar wheels marked way down, so I got three of them - the purple and green at the beginning, middle, and end.  That wasn't enough, so I got two more sugar wheels that were shades of purple.  It's nice to crochet with those wheels because the colors change without having to change yarn very often.  I love how the colors turned out.

Example of a sugar wheel - picture
pulled off the internet.
2. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches.  The tomatoes right now are mid-summer perfect, and I get several every Saturday at the local farmers' market.  A BLT is the best sandwich ever.  I can't eat them like I used to (with two pieces of white bread); however, I use one piece of rye bread on the bottom and a large piece of lettuce for the top.  It works.

3. A good last full week of summer vacation.  I start back to teacher inservice next Tuesday, but I've enjoyed these last days, getting a lot done around the house.  

4. Some new clothes.  :-)  I always feel better about starting the school year with a few new pieces in my closet.  And - the best part - I needed to buy some new slacks because last year's were too big.  It's great to try on new clothes just to see how they look instead of being concerned that they will be too tight.

5. Great times with friends.  This week we took two different sets of friends down to show them the farm - two on Monday, and two last night.  This pic was taken last night.  I cropped off our friends just because I don't know if they want to be displayed all over the internet.  But we had a lovely time with them.


Faith said...

Oh my. You're heading back to school and i still have 10 more days of teaching summer school before my two week vacation begins!! You must live in the south! I know,you've told me before but i get bloggers mixed up! Good luck!!

I love getting new clothes and yay for having friends visit.

Enjoymyour weekend.

Barbara Harper said...

I'm glad you showed what a sugar wheel is--I had never heard of them. Nice blanket!

It doesn't seem like it should be time for school yet! Though I have seen a lot of FB friends talking about orientations, meeting teachers, getting school supplies, etc. Glad you had a good vacation.

Yay for new clothes,especially for that reason! Love that pic of you and your husband.

Willow said...

I can tell you are already loving your farm! It's great to share it with your friends, too.
Yarn Bee has some great yarn choices. Hurray for getting them on sale!
Best of the best for your new school year. I know you love teaching, but I also know it's not the easiest profession (I was a teacher, too). Enjoy your last weekend of freedom.

Susanne said...

Yum, I love BLT sandwiches! How fun to have friends out to your farm. Lovely blanket. Back to school already? Our teachers don't go back until the last week of August and kids start the first week of September. How wonderful for the new clothes!