Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mother's Brag Page

A friend of Andrew's asked to take his picture playing his guitar for a project he had to do for an advertising class. I think these shots are beautiful!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A purposeful life

At the dentist last week, the hygenist who was taking care of my teeth told me about her father-in-law, a local minister who was known in this area for many years. He has not spoken in two years due to illness and advanced age. In his room, he does not respond much to either family or the nurses. However, one of them told my hygenist friend that when the prayer program on the local Christian radio station comes on, they make sure it is on in his room. His eyes always brighten and it is obvious that he is listening. Who knows what he is praying for in that quiet room and in that mind which is locked to external communication. He still has a purpose in this world.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Our youth pastor did not have to come up with any activities last night. The noise coming from behind the gym--on the soccer field--was fun to hear. Seventy five teenagers and a half inch of snow on the ground, in a place where snow is a seldom-seen phenomenon, made for much mayhem and delight.

We had a delayed opening this morning but did not get the day off school. We were the only school in Anderson County that had to go. Our administrator is a great guy but he's not one to miss school because everybody else is. And truth be known--the roads were fine. It was still a disappointment to be in class today!

Mary Lee and her friend Keren were two of the many having a great time.