Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday's Fave Five 7-21-19

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1. Land.  We've purchased a piece of land where we can get away and my husband can hunt, bush-hog, and enjoy being outside to his heart's content.   We've been down to the property three times this week.  The shop building on the property includes a small living area, so I can go down as well.  I got the small bedrooms fixed up this week with the beds made and am getting the tiny kitchen organized as well.
2. Tomatoes. The previous owner left 30 tomato bushes that are producing Roma tomatoes by the bucket.  The place also has blueberry bushes, but they are pretty well done for the year; and fig bushes, which are probably not going to get ripe until after I'm back in school.

3. A restaurant close by.  See right picture above.  We found this place today, about a mile away in the small town close to our piece of property.  I ordered the small Philly cheesesteak sub without the bread.  This is what I got, and this is also after several bites.  It was huge and it was good.

Husband ordered a hamburger and onion rings.  I expected him to get the frozen, heavily breaded kind.  They were not.  They were hand cut and dusted in flour.  I'm not supposed to have much flour, but may have broken that rule a little today with those onion rings.  They were delicious.

I suspect that this restaurant may be getting more business from us in the future.

4. Sugar free strawberry ice cream.  At a small shop in the small town where we were today.  This was very good, and it was so nice to enjoy some guilt-free!!

5. Fleece. Clearance, $1 a yard at Wal-Mart.  Yes, $1.  Not a typo.  Some of the girls at school love to make blankets for charity each fall.  They can now make blankets to their hearts' content!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday's Fave Five, 7-12-19

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1. A chair!!  A year ago, my old chair hit the loading dock at a local ministry thrift store.

It had done its time with our family.  It looks OK in this photograph, and still had some life in it for someone, but 30 years of heavy use had it showing its age.  For the past 10 years or so, it had been in our bedroom for my use, particularly when the kids had friends in the den.  Well, the kids are gone and it was time for the chair to go also.

However, that left me chairless.  And over the past year of home renovations and other things, a chair for me in the bedroom was low on the list of priorities, even though I had the $$ in hand (Christmas $$ from my parents saved for this purpose).  This past week, a local furniture store had their best sale of the year, and I got my chair!!  It's so nice to have one back in the bedroom, where I can go, shut the door, and enjoy the solitude that I sometimes crave.
2. Fresh ripe tomatoes.  No picture because they are all eaten.  :-)  Not grocery store, hothouse tomatoes, but garden fresh ones from the farmers' market.  And fresh ripe cherries that were only $1.78 a pound this past week at my grocery store.  

3. A trip to a nearby town we don't usually go to.  We had a business matter to take care of, so we ate at a local steakhouse with a view of a small river.  The reviews of the place online weren't great, but I thought it was better than the reviews.  I enjoy going somewhere different from time to time.

4. Cheap fleece.  The Beta Club students (and others) at school like to make blankets each year for underprivileged children.  I recently got some good deals at Hobby Lobby and Joann's on some fleece.  For example, yesterday I got enough clearance fleece for a single blanket for $9.  The students enjoy tying these blankets, and the lady who takes them to her clients says they are greatly appreciated.

5. Reading time.  Summers are so nice for that.  I've been reading as fast as I can, enjoying it very much.  I'm only reading the things I want to read - not things that have to be read for teaching.  It's a very relaxing time.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Jesus Led Me All The Way

Autobiography of Margaret Stringer, missionary to Irian Jaya (posted on Goodreads):

Jesus Led Me All the WayJesus Led Me All the Way by Margaret Stringer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Delightful autobiography written by a delightful missionary to Papua (formerly Irian Jaya, part of Indonesia). This brave woman was willing to go to cannibals, headhunters, and other people who had never seen a white person. She was willing to eat anything, sleep anywhere, and otherwise learn to be a part of the people to whom she had been sent. She translated the New Testament into the Citak language, and followed up with another translation for a similar dialect. As a result of all her hard work (and that of her teammates and national helpers), she was able to present the people with the New Testament in their native "heart language," and she reaped rewards that those of us in the cushy U.S. have no understanding of. And she writes with humor about the many situations that developed. Well worth the read. I deducted one star only because of several editorial missteps throughout - they were not prominent enough to affect the message of the book.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Goforth of China - review

I am practicing pasting a Goodreads review onto my personal blog.  We'll see if it works!!

Goforth Of ChinaGoforth Of China by Rosalind Goforth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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