Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday's Fave Five 4-26-19

1. The junior-senior banquet is DONE.  It was last Friday night.  It was beautiful, but it is OVER WITH!  I've been thinking about it since last August, so it is a big relief.

2. My blood sugars are getting in good control.  They're almost always within range.  The downside is that I have plateaued in weight loss.  I was down 25 pounds, but that has reverted to 24, and will not go down any further!  I think it's because of the normal blood sugars, the weight is no longer coming off so easily.  My clothes fit better and I feel better.

3. I got to have lunch with my dear friend last Friday while we were preparing for the banquet.  She lives near the venue, and it worked out perfectly.  She's given me some special sugar substitute and a great recipe for "fake" Almond Joy bars, which I plan to make tomorrow.

4. A funny from a precious student.  While getting ready to turn this in, this girl asked her friend "Do you think she'll notice the ink blot?"  :-)

5. And finally, this is a highlight of the week.  The rose-breasted grosbeaks are migrating!!!  We've seen about a dozen of them.  They only pass through for a few days, but they are a huge treat when they do come.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Friday's Fave Five, 4/5/19

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1. I'm pleased with this (somewhat rough) graph.  This is a record of my blood sugars since January 14, the date I got a blood glucose monitor and started on this journey.  Two meds and very limited carbs later, I'm getting the numbers back into reasonable range.  The horizontal line is at 125, which is a good target point for a diabetic.

2. This has been spring break week, and I've had a good week.  For some reason, spring break always seems to fly.  Monday goes reasonably slowly, but the rest of the week is like rolling down a hill - time seems to go faster and faster.  But many (not all) of the items on the to-do list have gotten done.  Today I got out by myself and did some shopping, some of it just for fun.

3. We had a nice lunch with my sister on Sunday before taking her to the airport for her trip to her home.  Thank you, Rhoda!

4. Last Friday about this time, Mike and I were headed home from Pigeon Forge with a group of high school students (my homeroom).  We were there overnight.  I highly recommend the Titanic Museum - it is very good, with artifacts brought up from the ocean floor by the group of adventurers that found the ship in the ocean some 20 years ago.  The group also ate at the Apple Barn, went go-carting, and spent most of Friday at Dollywood.  And they were such a good group.  They did everything I asked of them, cheerfully, and I knew I could trust them without feeling like I had to watch their every move.  It is a big responsibility to take other people's children on an overnight trip, and it is a blessing when it is a good trip because the students cooperate.

5. And finally, I'm thankful for the heritage of a great Christian man who crossed over to the other side this week.  I hope to write more about him soon.  He and his wife were/are dear personal friends, and they have been on my mind all week.  But I will save more details for (hopefully) another post.