Wednesday, January 28, 2009

God of the Stars

by Amy Carmichael
I am the God of the stars.
They do not lose their way;
Not one do I mislay.
Their times are in My Hand;
They move at My command.
I am the God of the stars,
Today, as yesterday,
The God of thee and thine,
Less thine they are than Mine;
And shall Mine go astray?
I am the God of the stars.
Life up thine eyes and see
As far as mortal may
Into Eternity;
And stay thy heart on Me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Birds

I just took a walk down the street in the 35 degree temperatures and saw the birds out in full force. They are feeding as fast as they can before the sun sets and they go to roost for a long cold night.

Winter birds are fun to watch. They are much easier to see due to the bare branches. I saw several pine warblers for the first time in several years. There were also bluebirds in the neighbors' yard - a surprise because I don't usually see them in the winter. Cardinals are always a splash of color, and I could hear a flock of cedar waxwings in the trees (and see the flock as it flew away).

I haven't put out a feeder for several years due to the cat, but maybe chasing birds is more than she can do with her infirmity. I may put some seed out. With all the cold weather we've been having, there's a good chance that something unusual may have made its way further down from the north.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Duct Tape Day

Last week at school we had duct tape day. Who would have thought they could be so creative! My daughter with two of her friends (twins) - need I tell you that the twins won the competition? They had outstanding outfits, and many in the student body really went all out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Up/Down: Andrew is headed back to school. I was going to take him, but Mike got off work early and he's taking him instead. I love having him home, but the time comes when. . .it's time for him to go on back. And I was glad Mike could take him, because. . .

Down: I am catching a cold and have that "balloon blown up in the head" feeling.

Up: Did the best chemistry lab of the year today - Flame tests. The students love them.

Up: Just got a totally unexpected phone call from an old friend from early teaching days.

Up: We went out to eat last night, kind of a tradition when possible, whenever Andrew goes back to school.

Up: The cat, with a prednisone injection in her, is feeling much better. We hope it lasts a few weeks at least.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Homecoming 09

Our daughter was a member of the homecoming honor court last night at her school. It was a beautiful night!

I also had a MIRL experience tonight (meeting in real life) - I met Barbara, a college acquaintance (we lived on the same hall) with whom I reconnected on the internet a couple of years ago. Her son's school played ours in basketball and they came to the game. She posted a picture on her blog, and you can see it here. I really enjoyed seeing her in "real life."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Can They Be That Grown-Up?

I cannot believe that both of these frames are completely full.

Christmas Vacation is Over

Christmas and Christmas vacation are essentially over. I've been working at the kitchen table for several hours, putting things away, wrapping up paperwork and paying bills. I think all the Christmas things are put away. Mary Lee is exchanging shoes for me and Andrew has gone to get food for a College and Career fellowship we'll have here tomorrow night. (Since vermicelli and french bread are both buy one get one free this week, don't you think spaghetti would be a good thing to serve?)So it's a wind-down sort of day.

My folks always give their children a little $$ at Christmas that I call my "fun money." It goes for clothing or anything else I want, and I make it stretch - sometimes most of the year! I have wanted a triangular pie server for years, and a rubber spatula, and I always like new dishtowels, so got all of that last week, as well as several pairs of shoes. (Sounds pretty mundane, I know, but hey - it's me.) I love the fun money from Dad and Mom!

A couple of other things:

My Christmas present. It might not seem like a very romantic gift, but if you could have heard the sounds the old one (20+ years) was making, you'd know that life is much quieter and nicer around here now!

The blanket I made Mike for Christmas. He's taken quite an interest in the Gamecocks the past two years. Fleece is so easy to work with - it doesn't take long to sew up, and it makes a wonderfully warm blanket.