Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 7/28/17

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1. We had a wedding!  It's been a couple of weeks now, but we still don't have any of the "official" photography - just phone pics so far.  Showers started to fall about two minutes before the wedding.  Fortunately, the rain was not heavy, and stopped right after the procession was over.  

The officiant had a great ceremony - just the right length, and very appropriate for the occasion.  

I've been thinking about it and enjoying the memories ever since.

Mother of the bride standing for the bride to come in.  :-)
Daughter and Dad

This is very typical of my daughter's "style." 

It was a lovely time - the quick shower actually cooled the temps by about ten degrees - our daughter was radiant, and it was a joy to spend the evening with family and friends.

2. We really enjoyed meeting and getting to know our new son-in-law's family.

3. This week:  Quick, efficient navigation of doctors' appointments and some medical testing for both of us.

4. I am checking things off on my to-do list before going back to school.  Only eleven days left.  Why does summer go so fast?

About ten years ago, a former colleague made the comment that, for teachers, "After the Fourth of July, it's all downhill."  I saw her this week and told her that, ever since that remark, the second half of summer has been ruined for me!  She just laughed and said she's felt the same way, especially this year for some reason.  It's true, the summer does seem to be all downhill after the Fourth - but I'd never heard it quantified that way.

5. And finally, everybody needs to experience this wonderful taste sensation, when summer cantaloupes and tomatoes are both at their finest.  Try it - you'll be surprised at how good they are together.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Easy Smoothie

I have the easiest and best smoothie recipe around.  And it's very healthy also.

  • 1 individual cup plain Greek yogurt (I like Chobani).
  • About a cup to a cup and a half of fruit - your choice.  At least half should be frozen fruit, for the best consistency of the final smoothie.
  • A splash of juice - your choice - enough to make the blender run easily.
  • A couple of packets of Splenda.

My favorite lately has been strawberry-kiwi.  The strawberries were frozen last spring, and I bought the kiwis at the grocery.   But tonight I had watermelon-cantaloupe-frozen strawberry.  With a few frozen blueberries thrown in for good measure.  Good stuff.

Oh, and I highly recommend the Hamilton Beach smoothie maker.  It's so much easier than using a blender with its multiple parts.  And it was very reasonably priced also.

Very satisfying, very healthy!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 7/7/17

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1. I realize that this is not very exciting, but having been washer-less and dryer-less for three weeks, the delivery of these beauties yesterday was a definite high point of the week.

2. Our kitchen is slowly coming together.  The new tile floor has definitely lightened things up.  Furniture placement is not exactly right yet, but we are getting there!

3. I've been enjoying this summer treat all week.  I got a baker's dozen at the Farmer's Market last Saturday, and it is great.  I'm contemplating getting two dozen this week and making creamed corn for when I entertain daughter's future in-laws this next week.  Creamed corn is a labor of love, but oh, so good.

4. We are going out to eat with dear friends this evening.  That is always on the favorites list!!

and finally,

5. We have a wedding next week!  Next Friday is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and Saturday is the big day.  My sister and I may be attempting a pretty fruit centerpiece for the reception; if it works, I will post a picture.  Next week will be full of things to do.  A FFF may not be on the horizon until the following week.