Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A different sort of relationship

Andrew and I drove to Greenville today, to take care of some business at BJU. He needed to meet with his admissions counselor and I took care of a couple of financial matters. Then we went to Haywood Mall and stopped in the food court before going our separate ways to shop for awhile. As we were sitting at the table, eating, Andrew said, "You know, I can't believe I'm doing this. A year ago I'd have died before going out to lunch with my MOM." He's right, he probably would have. But it's nice to have a relationship with an almost-adult son. We can talk about all kinds of things, adult to adult, things I probably wouldn't have talked about with him when he was younger. He has good insights and real questions about things. He has input about things that is valuable, and he also listens better than he used to. He is growing up.

But I still reserve the right to take him out of this life just like I brought him into it. :-)

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Big Night!

I am the mother of a high-school graduate!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On the Cusp of a Momentous Day

Today I finished up all my schoolwork for the 2006-07 school year. Dr. Wilkins said that if we are done we don't have to come in tomorrow until time for the senior luncheon. That's a first. So I am done at school until baccalaureate tonight, senior luncheon tomorrow, and graduation tomorrow night. Then I'll have the underclassmen awards ceremony on Friday morning, and the teachers' luncheon, and all the formalities will be complete.

It is a weird feeling to have a graduate of my own this year. It's much more personal. I am not one of those "oh, that's my little baby graduating" kind of people; actually, it's time for him to graduate and move on, and I know that and am glad for him. But I still have a feeling I'll shed a few tears during the ceremony.

It's also a weird feeling to have been the teacher of all his classmates at the same time he too is graduating. I know much about all those kids and I could say "That one is graduating by the skin of his teeth" or other bits of knowledge. I also know many of them in a different way--as peers of my son, who spent much time at our house.

But for the most part, my thoughts mirror Mike's in an email to his sister when he said "Andrew's had his mom for senior English and as play director this year, and I think they've had their fill of each other." Son, you're a great kid and I love you like my next breath, but I'm glad you're going to college next year!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Musings of a Mother

Last summer I discovered Doris Coffin Aldrich, wife of the former president of Multnomah School of the Bible, and her excellent devotionals written before she died in a car accident in the late 1950's. I love her book Musings of a Mother. Here's an example of her work which blesses a mother's heart.

What First in Heaven?

The children were finishing their lunch. Timmie and Virginia, the twins, were over by the dining-room window eating at their own small table. Every so often the white ruffled curtains suffered a tug from sticky little fingers.

Jon studied a bread crust and with a dreamy expression asked, “What will we do the first thing in heaven, Mommie?”

Mommie paused in buttering bread and answered, “What would you like to do, son?” The others all hastened to speak and the twins looked up, surprised at the sudden outburst of conversation.

“I would like to thank the Lord for all the things and because He loves us,” said Jon.

Joe hastened to add, “I’d like to start playing. Will there be toys and things?”

Jane looked up from her dish of carrots, “Well, I’d like to go for a walk with the Lord Jesus and all the angels.” Mommie smiled to herself as she thought how many there would be.

“And you can’t fight up there, Becky,” said Joe with an air of finality. Nothing daunted, Becky continued to eat out the center of her slice of bread and jelly, carefully avoiding the crust.

“What do you want to do first, Mommie?” they asked. What do I want to do first. . .How can one tell them of what it will mean to see Him, to look into His face, to feel that nearness of His dear presence? How can one express what it will mean to know heart-yearning fully satisfied? Only the measure of longing here gives an indication of what it will be to see Him there, “. . . whom having not seen we love.” And to be in His presence unashamed, complete in Him—all because of what He did for us! This will be heaven.

And so Mommie looked at them and answered, “The first thing I want to do is to see the Lord Jesus.” And they were satisfied.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Where have the years gone????!!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Thoughts on Leadership

I have been thinking much about spiritual leadership this week--what is it? Spiritual leadership is not organizational skills (although that's important). A person who is a fantastic organizer is. . .a fantastic organizer. Vision--yes, that's important, but I'm convinced there's more.

I've been thinking about my administrator and why I am so impressed with him as a Godly leader to those who work under him. He's one of the most organized men I know--he'll give us schedules for the end of the school year by the middle of March. (So soon I lose them before they're needed and I have to ask him for another copy.) He has vision. But that's not why he's respected as a leader. I believe that he commands the respect of his faculty because he is a humble man. He total goal is to advance the Lord's - not his - ministry in that place.

He's not perfect. We've disagreed many times over the last 16 years, and I still tell him that I think he makes crummy school calendars. We laugh. . .then he makes the same calendar for the next school year. But I would "fall on a sword" for that man, because I know he would "fall on a sword" for me as for any of his teachers. When I think of spiritual leadership, I think of humility, and when I think of humility, I think of my school administrator.