Friday, May 4, 2007

Thoughts on Leadership

I have been thinking much about spiritual leadership this week--what is it? Spiritual leadership is not organizational skills (although that's important). A person who is a fantastic organizer is. . .a fantastic organizer. Vision--yes, that's important, but I'm convinced there's more.

I've been thinking about my administrator and why I am so impressed with him as a Godly leader to those who work under him. He's one of the most organized men I know--he'll give us schedules for the end of the school year by the middle of March. (So soon I lose them before they're needed and I have to ask him for another copy.) He has vision. But that's not why he's respected as a leader. I believe that he commands the respect of his faculty because he is a humble man. He total goal is to advance the Lord's - not his - ministry in that place.

He's not perfect. We've disagreed many times over the last 16 years, and I still tell him that I think he makes crummy school calendars. We laugh. . .then he makes the same calendar for the next school year. But I would "fall on a sword" for that man, because I know he would "fall on a sword" for me as for any of his teachers. When I think of spiritual leadership, I think of humility, and when I think of humility, I think of my school administrator.

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Michelle said...

Humility is such an important part of leadership, I agree; so what evidence do you look for in finding a humble leader? (I'm primarily thinking of a pastor, but any other context would apply, too, I think)