Friday, February 27, 2009

WILDS trip post # 2

Here's the brief article my juniors and I wrote together this morning for the school newsletter:

"Grades 7-12 escaped to the Wilds Christian Camp from February 24-26, 2009. For three days they rode the giant swing, hiked to beautiful waterfalls, stuffed their faces with good food, drank Cool Beans beverages, shot rifles at the rifle range, swung across the creek, and played many games: basketball, Big Ball volleyball, Cat in the Hat, miniature golf, regular (and human) foosball, air hockey, and “Gazeeball.” They generally had a blast while getting to know one another better. The Wilds’ fun time was its usual great mixture of bluegrass music and slapstick. Ask Mr. Bartlett about his level of coordination.

"In addition, they heard excellent messages from Matt Herbster and Willie Partin about recognizing the characteristics of a fool, understanding life’s difficulties in the light of God’s goodness, overcoming temptation, knowing Christ, and being a Daniel in today’s lion’s den of oppression. Good decisions were made, and the preaching brought the students and sponsors close to the Lord.

"The Wilds was a great experience, and the students are ready to give up classes any time for a trip back to camp!"

A few more pictures:

Blanket volleyball. A huge tarp keeps each team from knowing where exactly the nerf ball is coming down on their side. Loads of fun and a great indoor game for a cold or rainy day.
More fun time silliness.
Watching the giant swing with Miss Hannah

WILDS trip

My daughter and her good friend.
I took on a young man in chess. Hadn't played for probably ten years but it was fun. He won, but I gave him a run for his money. Probably half a dozen boys clustered around to "help" me. Actually, I did need their help - it's been a long time.

The Wilds fun time at its usual best.

Big Ball Volleyball is always a lot of fun.

This a great trip for seeing students at a different level - and for students to see us at a different level. Fortunately our new administrator sees, like the other one did, that for the sponsors/teachers it is a combination of connecting with students and also having fellowship with each other. We participate some, but also just watch, and even sneak off to the sponsors' lounge sometimes just to get away. I played miniature golf with some students, played chess as shown above, played "Gazeeball" (once I got into the structure where you play it, it was fine), played foosball, and spent a lot of time in the snack shop/game room area just talking with kids who were having fun.
The main man who does the preaching for school camps gets better every time we go. He really knows how to hit heart issues with teenagers.
Getting alone overlooking a mountain creek at the Wilds is just as good for thinking things through as it was however many years ago when I used to work there.
It's a great trip but it's always nice to come back to my own bed when it's over.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inside Out Repair Job

My friend Nancy asked me if I would try to fix a sweater she'd like to wear to school camp this week. It had a hole in the back of about a half inch in diameter. I told her I'd try to make it at least presentable, and set to work on it this afternoon. It went quite well and repaired quite easily. Using a needle and thread I was able to loop up some of the knitting that had unraveled, and also tack back the yarn that apparently had gotten cut somehow (which started the problem). At the end of the repair project, I was pleased that all the threads of the repair job were showing on the back only and the right side looked quite presentable.

Then I started to turn it right side out. And discovered I had never turned it wrong side out.

The threads of the repair job were on the outside. The nice invisible repaired side was actually the inside.

I am so middle aged sometimes.

Interesting Twist

I read something interesting on someone's blog this week. Sometimes I get far afield when looking at blogs, so do not remember exactly where this was.

When you are praying, instead of saying "I love you, Lord," say "I love you too, Lord."

It makes an amazing difference. I like that thought.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I haven't done much posting lately. Just can't seem to get in the mood.

Last weekend was a wonderful retirement gala for my former administrator. The planning committee really did it right - it was held at the Civic Center and therefore was upped a notch from the usual things held in the cafetorium. As one graduate said about our administrator, "In your whole life you might only meet one or two people like him." That quotation was used during the program. Andrew did a parody of the man and absolutely nailed many of his funny mannerisms. He also sang a solo, as did my dear friend's daughter. The whole program was a wonderful blend of the funny and the serious, and it was also a great reunion. Many graduates returned to honor this highly respected man.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Northern Harrier

Yesterday while coming home I saw a northern harrier on a fence, watching for food. Darkness was approaching and it probably wanted one more meal before a cold night. This is a beautiful winter hawk - I've never seen one in the summer and only rarely at other times. This is not my picture - I did take it off the internet. You can't really see its beautiful tail in this direction.

About three years ago I saw a northern harrier, flying low with its characteristic V-shape, over a large field bounded on three sides by roads near our house. It sailed to every part of the field looking for food, and it was beautiful to watch. I think of that natural and beautiful sight almost every time that I park in the asphalt lot of the grocery store that now covers that field.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Andrew sings

For those who've not heard it, here is a link to my son singing in a trio with some other guys at church a couple of weeks ago. He's the first tenor on the left. It took a long time to upload and it's easier just to link it. :-)