Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday's Fave Five 10-19-18

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 1. The house is coming along!!  We can actually live in it again.  :-)  We still have a lot of pictures to hang, but slowly we are getting it done.  Mike's shoulder and my recent (again) back problems make it difficult to do too much at one time, but progress of any kind makes me happy.

This will be the study/extra room/man cave when it is done.
 2. This is the second week in a row I've had a day of no teaching.  Last week we had a day off due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Michael that was passing through.  It turned out to be a bust - a delayed opening would have been just as good.  By 10:00 everything had passed through and we had sunny skies!!  Today was a teacher work day, to finish up first nine weeks grades and get anything done that was needed.

3. Very happy students.  (Most of them were here today anyway for an extended day of play practice.)  Our boys won their quarterfinal soccer match yesterday, which ensures that they are going to the state tournament next weekend, for the first time in ten years.  Our girls play their volleyball quarterfinal on Monday (at a school that you, Barbara, are very familiar with.)  :-)  It will be really special if both our boys' soccer and girls' volleyball teams would both get to go to the state tournament at the same time.

4. I've been doing a lot of crochet, in preparation for a craft show next month.  I've never done anything like that but have kind of gotten the bug to try participating in one.  And it is very relaxing to work on small projects in the evenings.  


5. Last week we were contacted by a family member - would we like tickets to the Carolina football game?  With a great parking spot?  Well, I really shouldn't have gone due to lower back issues.  But I did.  And we did have a nice time getting out of town.  The only thing that wasn't great was - the team didn't get a win.  Oh well.  We take what we can get.  :-)  And we are very thankful for our family member's kind gift.