Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday's Fave Five, 3-15-19

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1. Sister came through cancer surgery successfully on Wednesday.  She will be hospitalized for a few more days, but she is very positive and doing well so far.

2. Another sister sent me a beautiful vest - animal print, which I love.  A very nice surprise!!  I wore it today because it fits perfectly.  Thank you!!

3. Baked cheese.  I've been making that often recently.  It's just extra-thin cheese slices put on parchment paper, then baked at about 280 degrees until they are turning brown.  These slices feel like a bit of a treat when I can't have the other things I used to treat myself to.

4. Down almost 20 pounds!!  Amazing what happens when sugar is forcibly removed from one's life. :-)

5. A short day at work today due to most students being gone to our state Fine Arts Festival.  I didn't have to go, because I am in charge of our junior-senior banquet this year, and I was able to stay back for a workday with the juniors not involved in fine arts.  We got a lot accomplished; I let them go home around noon, and was gone myself by 1:00.  Nice feeling to have the grocery shopping done already, as well as a lot of paperwork, and it's only a little after 4:00 on Friday!