Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday's Fave Five, 6-28-19

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1. These pics are actually from last week, but I haven't been on here in awhile.  The first is a red-headed woodpecker, in our back yard!!  I have been watching for one of those in our yard for years.  I had a fleeting glimpse of one a couple of weeks ago, but wasn't quite sure.  These are uncommon but not rare.  A lot of times people will say "We have those in our yard."  Usually what they mean are red-bellied woodpeckers (which do have a spot of red on their heads), not true red-heads.  I also saw a hairy woodpecker this morning outside the window this morning - another first for our yard and a first for me.  

This pic is from a large area near our home where birds congregate - this is a dickcissel.  It's a rare bird if you go any further east of here, but they are common in this grassy area in our county.

2. A finished blanket.  It's for a baby; I like the unusual colors instead of just the usual pastels for a baby.  I finished it last night.

3. A sewing machine.  I bought it last Thanksgiving but just pulled it out of the box this week.  I got it set up, and started sewing some straight seams - it worked great for awhile and then jammed.  Sigh.  Sewing machines and I have never gotten along well.  Never.  I will pull it out again later today, or tomorrow, and hopefully have better results.  But it's nice to have a machine again.

4. Lovely restaurant dinner this week, courtesy of my folks, in honor of two of my dad's cousins who were visiting.

5. And finally - the scale is reading 26 1/2 pounds down.  Much slower than earlier this year, but I'm happy with the trend!!