Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 11-24-17

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1. Thanksgiving at Mike's sister's (and husband's) house.  A lovely meal at their lovely home.  Always nice to be with family.  It was a beautiful day and we spent part of it in the yard.

Son and nephew.  Proud of them both.

These two below were a big help to us today, working in the yard and helping with housework.  It was very much appreciated!!

 2. Last Saturday night I was able to leave Mike long enough from his surgery recuperation (two days out by then) to go to see our school's musical.  For a small high school (approximately 85 students), the drama and choir teachers put on a great production of Christmas Carol.  The student shown below is enjoying towering over me.  Briefly.

 3. I brought this home a few days ago - it had been at school.  My second banner made by the students - the first one was a "We'll miss you" poster; this one was a "Welcome Back."  I'll enjoy it for a few more days and then take it to the trash - can't hang onto everything forever.  But it was very nice of them!

4. The last couple of weeks' worth of crochet work.  When I have to spend a lot of time resting, it's nice to have something to do with my hands.

5. We are doing OK.  Mike is recuperating from his second shoulder surgery in three months.  He's having the expected amount of pain.  And I have discovered that the doctor is right - the fatigue from this surgery lasts much longer than when the patient has to get back into the mainstream of life.  But we will make it!!  And we have so much to be thankful for.  Doing OK is one of those things.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 11-3-17

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1. Today marks the end of my six-week surgery "sabbatical." I was supposed to return to work full-time on Monday; however, things have worked out well for me to teach just one class on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  I'll start back full time on Wednesday.  That gives me a three-day week for the first week, which is much more manageable for working back into things.  I'm thankful for a substitute who is willing to teach two more days, a boss who is agreeable to this arrangement, and also a husband who insisted on my working in gradually.

2. The lady who used to help me with my house occasionally no longer cleans houses; however, she is willing to come next week to help me get it good and clean.  That is such a relief.  I can't pick up much weight at all, or push a vacuum or mop (what a shame!!) :-) -- and my husband's shoulder is giving him problems, so he can't clean very well either.  So I am grateful that this super-duper lady is willing to come help me this time.

3. This week's blanket.  Not real thrilled with how the colors turned out; however, it's a good way to use up yarn.  I have way, way too much yarn.  Acquiring yarn may have turned into an obsession? 

4. Caramel apples.  My precious aunt sent me some from a store near her home that is known for them.  They were delicious.

5. I went with Mike for his orthopedist appt. this morning, and we stopped by a new place for us for breakfast.  I had sweet potato pancakes with pecans and cinnamon syrup.  Very autumn-like and very good!