Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On the Cusp of a Momentous Day

Today I finished up all my schoolwork for the 2006-07 school year. Dr. Wilkins said that if we are done we don't have to come in tomorrow until time for the senior luncheon. That's a first. So I am done at school until baccalaureate tonight, senior luncheon tomorrow, and graduation tomorrow night. Then I'll have the underclassmen awards ceremony on Friday morning, and the teachers' luncheon, and all the formalities will be complete.

It is a weird feeling to have a graduate of my own this year. It's much more personal. I am not one of those "oh, that's my little baby graduating" kind of people; actually, it's time for him to graduate and move on, and I know that and am glad for him. But I still have a feeling I'll shed a few tears during the ceremony.

It's also a weird feeling to have been the teacher of all his classmates at the same time he too is graduating. I know much about all those kids and I could say "That one is graduating by the skin of his teeth" or other bits of knowledge. I also know many of them in a different way--as peers of my son, who spent much time at our house.

But for the most part, my thoughts mirror Mike's in an email to his sister when he said "Andrew's had his mom for senior English and as play director this year, and I think they've had their fill of each other." Son, you're a great kid and I love you like my next breath, but I'm glad you're going to college next year!!!

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