Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Little Fiddler

From time to time I take a notion to look at Hummel figurines on eBay in hopes of getting a good deal. Now, I'm not much of one to have a lot of "stuff" around to collect dust. But Hummels are different because they bring back memories of two dear great-aunts who collected them.

Usually I look at what's selling and then quickly lose the notion of getting one due to the prices. With two teenagers, one in college, there are just too many other demands on my $$ to be indulging in Hummel-buying at this stage of life. However, I've been looking for a "Little Fiddler" off and on for some time. He's just such a cute little guy, and with Mike taking up the violin a couple of years ago he's been the one I've had a desire to get.

So last week, I found one that was a really good deal. Bidders were shying away from the auction because the seller's feedback was not very good. I emailed her and she wrote back and explained the reason for her low feedback. I decided to give it a shot and take the risk--and am now the proud possessor of a 5" Hummel "Little Fiddler" for a very good price. Isn't he cute?


Barbara H. said...

It is cute! I like figurines that have some kind of connection or representation of something going on in the family, too.

Anonymous said...

I have also found that there are some sites that have really good prices on Hummel figurines. I too have a large collection but am not into the bidding thing on ebay. One site I have found that has some nice hummels is
They are more then ebay but I have found a very reputable dealer.

Anonymous said...

I have one, lone Hummel figurine. It was given to me by my neighbor for watching over her Shelties when she went on a family vacation. That was over 30 years ago, but I treasure it because it is called "Prayer before Battle". I think she thought it a fitting gift for a minister's daughter. Funny how small things mean a lot!

Beth H