Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Prayer

author unknown
Let me not die before I've done for Thee
My earthly work, whatever it may be.
Call me not home with mission unfilled;
Let me not leave my space of ground untilled.

Impress this truth upon me--that not one
Can do my portion that I leave undone;
For each one in the vineyard has a spot
To labor on for life, and weary not.

I long to be an instrument of Thine,
To bid men at Thy table "Come and dine;"
To be a means one human soul to save
From the dark terrors of a hopeless grave.

Yet most I want a spirit of content
To work where'ere you wish my labor spent.
Whether at home, or in a stranger clime,
In days of joy or sorrow's sterner time;

I want a spirit happy to lie still,
Or by Thy power to do Thy holy will.
Let me not die before I've done for Thee
My earthly work, whatever it may be.


Robin said...

I believe this is by Mrs. Jean Talbert, mother of Layton Talbert. It was read at her funeral earlier this summer and her children said she had written it years ago.

I was in your 7th grade science class at BJJH the first year you were married. :-)

Ann said...

I know you! You and your two sisters were such a joy and it's been a delight to run into you from time to time since you've been adults. That was 23 years ago - can you believe it! Thanks for letting me know who wrote the poem, and thanks too for identifying yourself!

Ann said...

I've changed back to "author unknown" because there's Google evidence that the poem has been around a long time (1915). Robin, if you read this, is there a possibility that this poem was a favorite of Mrs. Talbert's more so than the product of her pen?

Robin said...

It's very possible...I just know her kids believed it was hers. Pastor has read it as hers a few times, but perhaps they just found it in her Bible and assumed. I'll let you know if I hear anything else about it.