Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Butterfly Garden Preparation

Mike was tired of trying to get his mower inside the fence behind the house to mow this little patch of grass. So, when we saw the butterfly garden at Silver Bluff, he was inspired to do something similar here.

Just beginning to take up the sod

All the grass removed (some of it moved to the front yard)

Spreading good black fill dirt on top of the red clay

Working in the good topsoil

Pine needles spread over all
We may not do much more with it until next year - or may start putting things in here as we find them. It is going to be a fun project. Best of all - no mowing!


Bet said...

Wow! a huge project, but so neat! Please keep us posted as you add plants to the area. I'll be interested b/c I have one more huge area in my backyard where I'd like to add some butterfly-friendly plants.

Rhoda said...

Are butterfly and hummingbird attracting plants similar?

Ann said...

I'm not sure - haven't done much research on the plants yet (except lantana) but am reasonably certain that there would be some overlap.

The info. Mike has read says that you have to consider which butterflies come to your area and which ones you particularly want to attract, because different butterflies like different plants. That was news to me.