Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thoughts on our Governor

In less than a week, our governor has changed in perception from a man worthy of respect to a man who may have to resign because of his reckless and immoral behavior.

As I wrote yesterday in an email reply to my uncle,

"This is a conservative state and most people are unhappy with his licentious behavior. Virtually all are unhappy with his mysterious absence - No one, not even his staff, knew where he was for almost a week! Imagine if there had been a natural disaster or something where the immediate intervention of the governor was necessary for relief efforts (as example - the Myrtle Beach fires of two months ago where the gov. had to cut short an economic development trip to come back to authorize National Guard mobilization). A man who lies so flagrantly to his family and staff has lost his character, credibility, and moral authority."

I find the governor's wife's actions to be particularly impressive. She has put boundaries around him - an absolute necessity with a man like that. She has let him take the fallout for his own actions and has not enabled him - i.e. standing next to him like so many pitiful betrayed wives do at these particularly pathetic press conferences that we see from time to time. She stayed in the capital until her boys were out of school - no doubt thinking about preventing upheaval for them - and then took them to their family home on the coast. She made her husband leave the home so that she could sort through her own thoughts. She is putting the burden of decision on him. Her statement to the press: "I am not worried about his career- that's his concern. I'm worried about my family and the character of my children." (emphasis mine) For a woman who has to be in huge pain and embarrassment, she is thinking clearly and standing up well. I hope she has a good support group of friends and family, and I pray for her every day.

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