Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chicken Fajitas

My sister came to visit for a few hours with her good friend last week as they passed through the area. She brought me, along with cherry jam and zucchini bread, some bell peppers and onions from their garden. Which reminded me of fajitas. I don't make them very often, but once in awhile, if I have the stuff on hand, they are so good to make. My sister-in-law Ginny taught me how to make these, back in the early '90s.
Chop up the peppers and start sauteing them in a small amount of oil.

Add the onions and chicken, and continue sauteing until the chicken is browned.

Add water and an envelope of Italian seasoning mix (Yes, Italian, not Mexican), put a lid on it for awhile and then take it off for awhile, and cook it down for an hour or more until the peppers and onions are basically "mush."

Warm a tortilla, spread it with sour cream, put the cooked mixture on it, sprinkle with cheese and a little lettuce. Oh, it is so good.

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Rhoda said...

Here's how I do my fajitas--and I had them the first time you did as well. I cut up the chicken, pepper, and onions, and throw it all in the skillet with a cup of water, a packet of italian dressing mix, and some soy sauce. It all cooks together for an hour. I also like to put tomatoes on my fajitas.

Dee-licious as a little boy used to say.