Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not OCD neat, but. . . .

I've never been neat. Not a slob, just not OCD neat. I like my "piles" - they are my own form of organization. Besides, why put something away if you're going to need it again in a few days? Since opposites attract, I married an OCD man. Fortunately we have both moderated somewhat in the last 24 years. He knows I can't live in a museum, and I know he needs order. Anyone who's ever visited our home knows it's not perfect, but you also don't walk out of here thinking that it's a mess either. Somewhere inbetween. Lived in.

So explain why I can't leave the grocery store parking lot without making sure that the grocery carts are neatly in the corral, pushed into each other and in a straight line?

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Barbara H. said...

I'm pretty much the same way -- not OCD, but not a slob. either. But I do have a few little things I have to have just so.