Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Misc.

- Took the Wards, missionaries to Togo, out to eat tonight, along with Pastor Bartlett and family, and Pastor Davis. Mrs. Ward was a mentor to me in college, teaching me how to teach writing, and we had a nice time with them.

- I have been reading two books by Jan Silvious, FOOLPROOFING YOUR LIFE and BIG GIRLS DON'T WHINE, looking for ideas for teaching girls' Bible next year. These books may not be useful for that, but they are great books.

- Tonight Andrew was at a church in Virginia, and after looking at the schedule at the name of the pastor, I told him to make sure he met the pastor's wife. She was the lady who taught for me at the junior high when I took maternity leave to have him. He then sent me a text picture of him and her. Kind of a neat connection for him to make.

- Start another week tomorrow. Either pollen, or the end of the year approaching, or a combination of both, makes for fatigue!

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your everloving son said...

hannah was telling me about a book called "Lady in waiting" that her sunday school class is going through. It's about girls developing their relationship with God while single or something. just thought