Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I found out last night where Ginger is. I had heard that a lady who works part-time at a store in the Food Lion shopping center had picked Ginger up the same day that she ran away after hearing that gunfire nearby - had also heard that this lady absolutely loves dogs. I had stopped by the store several times to try to talk with her, but she had not been working whenever I stopped by.

Yesterday she was there. She is a dog lover - has three other dogs, two large ones and a small one. She absolutely loves Ginger also and is very glad to have a collie. I told her that our kids have gone to college and we just do not have time to spend with a dog - nor do we have any other dogs to keep her company. She said Ginger loves being with the other dogs and is playful with them as well. (She hadn't played here in years.) She also showed me several pictures that she happened to have with her, of Ginger interacting with the other dogs and lounging on the hearth of their fireplace. It sounds like Ginger has a comfortable new life with people who love dogs and have the time (and inclination) to spend with them.

I took her all the remaining dog food that we had here in the garage, and fortunately there was a good bit of it. She is welcome to keep Ginger, and it is a relief to me to know that Ginger has found a good and happy home.

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MLK said...

I am so happy to hear that Ginger has a happy home in her declining years. She is such a beautiful dog and always seemed lonely. Then I feared for her when she wasn't smart enough to not chase the dog catcher's truck. Now all is well!