Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back From Camp


- The stairs at the Wilds never get any shorter.

- Rand was our main preacher. I was told it's rare he is around to preach for a school camp any more, and we were very blessed to have his messages. He is the best preacher to teens I have ever heard.

-The cabins they have now are wonderful. These girls today who never went to camp or counseled in a birdhouse don't know what they are missing. (This picture is from a year ago when I went to the Wilds reunion.) Aah - the memories of having no room to move, running to the bathhouse on rainy nights, and many more . . .

- The ride there was long. The ride back didn't seem so bad, or nauseating.
- I had seven junior high students at my table. Most had good manners - nice to discover. Sometimes it's not so.

- I love my own bed.

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