Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where Have the Years Gone?

This morning I went out for a couple of things and stopped at a yard sale. Two children, one riding a scooter and the other running around, said "Hey, do you want a glass of lemonade?" I told them sure, and the boy (a couple of years older than the girl) carefully scooped out a glass of ice and filled it with some very good lemonade from a gallon jug. He got a little confused when I offered him a quarter, two dimes, and a nickel rather than two quarters but he quickly figured it out.

Then I looked at the items for sale. Among other games was a nice set of Memory cards, some Play-Doh items, and a set of bendable wires (we would have called them pipe cleaners) that were large, many-colored, and designed for art projects. Fifteen years ago I would have snapped up all of that for two inquisitive children the same ages as the two who were selling the lemonade.

And today is the last day that I will have any teenagers. Where have the years gone?

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Barbara H. said...

OK, don't get me all weepy here! Thankfully my last teen will still be one for a couple of years, but I am keenly aware of his last year of high school coming up and all the "lasts" that will entail.