Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Nostalgia Photo Post

Hanging around the house today because I don't like to go too far away when my daughter has a 102 fever and strep throat. So here is another nostalgia post of old pictures.

These first two I call the pictures of "my two hippies." In the first one they were just "hanging out" one day when we still lived in Taylors. But don't they look like a couple of wild men?!!

I have no idea what Mike was painting here to be dressed so raggedly, but they sure were having a good time.

ML and Aunt Rhoda

Both children with cousins--

This was a Christmas card one year. Today seemed like the perfect time to post it since the sunflowers outside are currently in full bloom. Sometime soon I'll post a pic. of the volunteer sunflowers that have grown under where the birdfeeders were last winter! Anyway, I thought the pic. below was really sweet - especially in ML's special sunflower dress that, I think, Grandma and Aunt Rhoda made.

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