Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Son is OK

My son is OK. Sore but uninjured. And very much alive.
The people in the other car were uninjured also.
So grateful to God for those blessings.

Last night we got one of those phone calls that every parent dreads. "Mom, I was just in a wreck." He looked down for a minute. Went around a curve and rear-ended a man with a child in the back seat.

His truck has a large repair bill but was not totaled.

He is very sore tonight. His grandparents went to visit him and be an encouragement to him, which he appreciated greatly. He has learned a valuable lesson.

And I am just thankful that he is OK.


Barbara H. said...

I can imagine the feelings engendered by that kind of phone call! I'm so glad everyone is okay.

Beth said...

I can appreciate this as I was just rear-ended tonite on my way home from work!! So glad for the Lord's protection.

Ann said...

Beth - are YOU ok?!!!

Beth said...

Yes, praise the Lord, I'm okay!! But, our van is in need of a new tailgate, bumper, and muffler. When the lady's husband came to the scene he said to her, "We're you texting again??" Soooo, she obviously wasn't paying attention to my rather quick stop. However, we were in loads of traffic so we weren't going fast.