Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not That High

So I had a doctor's appt. yesterday, and the nursing assistant routinely takes my blood pressure. The cuff fit fine - not too small or any effort getting it on. She says "It's 146/96." She didn't think anything of it, didn't ask any questions, and started to write it down. "Whoa," I respond, "something is not right. My blood pressure is usually very close to normal." She gets a different cuff, one with a larger width, and re-takes my BP. 126/80.

What if I hadn't said anything! I might be on medication by tonight.

Makes me wonder how often these machines and equipment might be wrong. Also makes me see how important it is to be familiar with one's own body and what normal readings usually are.


Barbara H. said...

When mine has been askew one way or the other, they've always rechecked it a few minutes later or sometimes with a different person. Plus they check it against your chart.

The only time mine was high was once or twice during pregnancy. But mine goes low sometimes. Once with pre-op lab work before surgery it was like 90/60-something, and the tech asked if that was normal for me. (Is that normal for anyone?!!)

You're right, it's good to be familiar with our bodies and normal readings.

Nog Blog said...

I'd like to get off my B/P pills and could, I'm sure, with a little weight loss. I'm afraid to stop it now, though, as I know a couple of people who messed around with their pills and then had a stroke. Not wanting to go there!