Monday, August 8, 2011


Just made a box of Pasta Roni for ML and me for lunch, and realized once again that so much of cooking is just learning to put things together and not necessarily following recipes. But so many people don't know that. I read the directions on the box for amounts of water, milk, and butter, and realized that with putting in the spice packet, it is just making a seasoned white sauce. It was funny, though, because below the directions was a box that said "Make it a meal!" It then REPEATED the list of instructions, except at the beginning added an explanation of how to brown some ground beef to add to the finished noodles. Who needs a written recipe to add ground beef to Pasta Roni? That was my contemplation as I added cubed ham (which was not listed on the box).

Of course, it must also be admitted that a true cook probably doesn't use Pasta Roni to begin with. . .

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