Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Middle Age Strikes - Yet Again!

I stopped by the church nursery tonight to drop something off. The couple in there asked if I knew where so-and-so was, as that person was supposed to help tonight. I said no, but would be happy to stay and help. Since there were only a couple of children they said they didn't need me - but I wrote down my phone number for them to call during church if more showed up.

Hung onto my phone (on vibrate) during church in case they called. Halfway through the service it hit me - I had written down my HOME phone number! Got up to go check, and it was good I did as there were now TWELVE children in there. And they had called the number they were given.

What a dingbat.


Barbara H. said...

LOL! We haven't gotten a land line since we moved, and I didn't like that at first, but now I've adjusted.

Beth said...

Well, someone did send me a joke about a 65 year old with a baby who couldn't remember where she put it and had to wait until it cried to know! Should you really be in the nursery? Just kidding!