Sunday, August 21, 2011

VBS Pics. That Bring Back Memories

Last week while getting ready for the school year I found a set of old pictures of a Bible school that was my "baby" about fifteen years ago. We did a creationism Bible school, and along with the usual classes, crafts, snacks, music that a VBS has, we had five creation rooms. The children went in groups to one room each night, and we had them really well decorated. I don't have any pictures of the astronomy room (day 4, sun, moon, and stars), but I have pics of the other four. There was a teacher in each creation room who gave the same lesson each night, actually, twice each night, because there were five kindergarten classes and five elementary-age classes. The lessons were a combination of science experiments and Bible truths.

We skipped day 1 because it was just darkness and light, and because five days of creation fit our five nights of Bible school!

There was a man in our church who was quite the chalk artist and he came in and drew the pictures after we got each room lined with paper. It was a mammoth job, but turned out so well, and it was very satisfying to see how much the children enjoyed it.

This was the ocean room (day 5 - birds and fish).

The jungle room, taught by John S. (day 3 - dry land and plants). He is the kind of guy who will do anything anyone asks him to do. I remember we had such a time getting all that green crepe paper to hang from string from the ceiling.

The woodlands room for day 6 - land animals and man. Julie V. taught this very well. The "deer" in the back was easy to come up - it was Mike's target for bow practice.

I especially liked finding this picture because the older woman on the right is my friend Jean, who has been gone for ten years this fall. This isn't really of her face, but I've not found any photos of her up until now, so this was nice to find.
The weather room - day 2, firmament (atmosphere) separated from the waters. I taught this room and did experiments such as crushing a can to show air pressure. You may recognize the little lady in the turquoise dress in the middle of the picture. :-)
The other woman who ran this with me, and I, packed everything up thoroughly and labeled it well - "Do not throw out without talking to Marsha or Ann first!" - before putting it in one of the church storerooms. However, sometime about ten years ago, it was thrown out. I discovered that when someone called asking for it to use at their own church, and it was nowhere to be found. So it was a one-time Bible school, probably not to be done again, but it really made a lot of memories, I hope for the children, but definitely for me.

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rk2 said...

Wow, looks like a lot of work. Maybe even more than all the plaster molds you used to make!