Monday, November 7, 2011

ML's Journal

When ML was home yesterday, we had a good time looking in her "journal" from when she was in K-4 through about 1st grade. She started it because Andrew was doing one as a project with his first grade teacher, and of course she wanted to do one also. At some point I will post some of her earliest "entries"--all with interpretations written by me on the left, because she wrote 100% phonetically (notice the "my frand Alicia" in the picture below") and I knew the meaning would be lost if we didn't get it down right away. Of course, there were pictures on every page as well.
Note the family portrait below - particularly how her dad is portrayed!!
That child was something else. She brought a smile to my face more times than she will ever know.


rk2 said...

This made me smile and then laugh. I remember visiting you and reading her journal then. It was great that you translated it. And yes, Mike is hilarious. I suppose for a kid looking up his legs do make up 3/4 of his body. And the bald head is funny too.

Allison Campbell said...

This is priceless!