Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Misc.

Some misc. pictures of Christmas:

ML was a "nanny" for this sweet little girl the week before Christmas. One day we painted ornaments at our house.

These are springerle - anise-flavored German cookies made with a special mold. My sister drove from Michigan to Illinois to get a lesson in how to make them from a dear friend of our family. Aren't they beautiful.

ML and Aunt Ginny, who hosted us all on Christmas eve. She had a houseful!

Andrew and cousin.

Mike and his sister Barbara.

Dad and daughter on Christmas day:
Mother and son:

ML and cousin

Game-playing at Grandma's house:

The priceless look on Dad's face when he got an iPad from my brother.

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Ada said...

Loved all these pictures. Those anise cookies look great - although I don't like them. :) glad you were able to enjoy them.