Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Did The Neighbors Think?!!

My eighth graders are really excited about seeing constellations right now. The skies are so clear, and many of them are finally putting it all together in their minds, so they come in every morning excited with what they've seen. Plus, right now Jupiter and Venus are very visible in the night sky, as well as the Pleiades very bright at this time of year. The crowning touch last night was that there was a meteor shower, the Geminids, coming from the region of the constellation Gemini which we just learned.

Anyway, our assistant pastor's son is one of the ones really doing well with this. He went out last night and tried to use a rather poor pair of binoculars (apparently one of the left lenses was completely out) to view objects in the night sky. So - his dad has a hunting rifle, and in order to magnify things, they brought that out and used the scope of the rifle as a mini telescope!

I'm just wondering what the neighbors thought when they saw the two of them sitting outside in the dark pointing a rifle toward the sky. . .

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