Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not Happy About This. . .

I was afraid that this might happen.

I used to drive to the grocery store past a nice triangular field formed by the meeting of three roads. Once I even saw a northern harrier over the field, that looked just like this one on the left. It was riding the thermals, looking for food, just gliding and gliding. It was a beautiful sight.

Then I heard that a Food Lion was being built on the site. Hard to believe, what with another grocery store across the road and another grocery being built right there also. Also disappointing because the field had to be demolished for the store.

But I got used to it, and loved the store. It was a little smaller than the other two groceries on the corner. I know many of the staff and call them by name. One woman in the deli even knows exactly how thick to slice the meat that I buy every week for Mike's salads. (#8 on the slicer.) The atmosphere is homey with beams and indirect lighting. It's really a nice little store.

Tonight I heard on the news that this store is one of half a dozen in our area being closed. I hate it.

And the worst part of it is that the lovely triangular field is still gone. Instead of the nice Food Lion, it will now be covered by. . .an empty metal building.

Is this what "progress" is really supposed to be like?

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Seaweed said...

That's sad mrs. Bailes! :(