Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eventful Day

Mike had quite a day yesterday.

First he woke up sick with a headcold, and had slept very little the night before.

Then I had a flat tire on the way to school and he had to come rescue me.

Then he lost several major programs on his computer and spent most of the day putting it back together.

Then he found out that the staff at work is so short-handed that he needed to come in today, in spite of feeling so bad, and even though he has used very few sick days during his tenure there.

Today he is at work, my tire is fixed, and the computer is 90% restored. I hope he's making it OK!

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Barbara H. said...

Poor guy! My husband is the same way. Unfortunately my kids are not...maybe as they mature they'll pick up some of that "push through even though you don't feel like it" characteristic.