Monday, February 27, 2012

Lots of Monday Morning Misc. - With Pictures

I have a lot of unrelated pictures so will make them into a Monday Morning Misc. post.

Last Monday evening (President's Day) we met our dear friends Jack and Patty for supper. We don't get to see them very often - surprisingly so because we only live about an hour apart - but it's always nice to get together with them.

I am a sucker for a new dishtowel--as long as it is good quality. Saw this one in Wal-Mart and thought it was too pretty to pass up what with springtime coming.

Made a skillet of fajitas this weekend. I always think of my sister in law Ginny, who taught me how to make them, and my sister Rhoda, who learned how to make them from me. The seasoning is an Italian dressing packet, which is a little surprise considering it's a Mexican dish--but it's delicious.

This didn't turn out so well - the camera was thoroughly confused at trying to focus on the edge of the house and the sky at the same time, but it's supposed to be of the beautiful conjunction of the crescent moon and Venus that was out Saturday night. Jupiter was above the two, and last night, because of the movement of the slightly larger crescent moon, there was a beautiful conjunction of it and Jupiter.

Made these last week also. This is the leftover so it doesn't look quite as nice, but it was one of those recipes that isn't really a recipe, but turns out well. I browned some chicken strips in a little oil, and seasoned them with some "salad supreme" in the spice cupboard, as well as some Italian seasoning, and squirted both sides with lemon juice as well. I cooked them until they were slightly brown on both sides. Then I took out the chicken strips and thickened the remaining oil/lemon juice with cornstarch, and added more lemon juice for a little sauce. They were really good, very little work, and something different. Made a nice meal with some Uncle Ben's rice and sauted zucchini and yellow squash.

And this represents the picture I didn't get. There is a wire suet box hanging in the tree to the right. I glanced out there late one afternoon and saw a large female red-bellied woodpecker clinging to the suet feeder - with the male in the tree slightly above her, waiting his turn. It would have made a beautiful picture.
For awhile we weren't feeding much but finches (house finches and goldfinches), but this weekend got cardinals, doves, and a Carolina wren as well. A pine warbler and a downy woodpecker also feed at the suet box. And of course we see a lot of titmice, juncos, and Carolina chickadees.


Barbara H. said...

When we lived in Sp, at first we thought we'd see friends in Greenville all the time, but we rarely did. Life gets so busy that an hour drive somewhere and then back again isn't something we can do often.

My d-i-l makes lemon chicken. I didn't think I'd like it -- I am not fond of fruit flavors with meat -- but it was pretty good. My oldest son likes Italian Chicken -- pour Italian dressing over chicken, let it marinate, and then bake. This used to be a nice Sun. afternoon meal if using chicken tenderloins because it only took them about 20 minutes to bake, and that was enough time to get everything else ready. But these days we get out later and have a longer drive, so I'm trying to find things even simpler and quicker. The crock pot is nice except for having to get up earlier to peel potatoes, etc., for it. Somehow everything I make in the crockpot has potatoes, lol! But it is so nice to come home from church and have the meal basically ready except heating up rolls and a side vegetable.

Ann said...

Barbara - do you have a timer feature on your oven? I've used that extensively on Sundays. I sometimes make an all oven meal, and other than the rolls we're ready when we walk in the door.