Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Field Trip

I took my physical science students to the nuclear station's visitor center yesterday. My hubby went along and got us a real treat - a tour of the simulator. It's nice to have an inside track. :-) The young people seemed to get a lot out of the trip. It's always nice for a teacher to hear "Oh, yes, I understand that!" or "So THAT'S what that looks like!" etc. etc.

This was a great place to eat lunch. Better than the school cafeteria!
This is the lake behind the dam. You can't see the dam in this picture, but it's off to the right. We had a little extra time and they hung over the edge of the dock looking at fish for awhile. This water cools the reactor.
Inside the visitor center with the real reactors behind them (out the window). The center is really nice - it explains things really well, a must since now no one can get near the actual plant without proper badging.
Group Shot! Notice the official nuclear operator at the right on the front row. So nice to have him go with us.

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