Friday, April 27, 2012

A Whole Week Has Gone By?

Kinda pitiful, not posting anything for a week. For once I just haven't had anything to say...

It's the busy season. ML comes home next week for the summer, she's hosting a wedding shower here next weekend, I've got junior/senior banquet tonight, and a big few weeks at school.

I'm much farther ahead than last year in teaching and couldn't figure out why. But last year we had a fall retreat (two days) and an unexpected spring retreat (three days), plus three snow days in January. That makes a big difference in how far in the curriculum one may get with a class. Regardless, I've got to fill three more weeks of classes, and that will mean studying some new stuff. Guess I'll do light and sound with the physical science group. Haven't taught that in twenty years, so I will be re-learning it this weekend and the first of next week.

We will be introduced to our new administrator next week. He has very good credentials, which is reassuring up front, and I have a positive outlook to start with. This whole issue of leadership turnover, however, both in work and church settings, has been something I've grappled with lately. It's not easy to have leadership come in, change things, innovate--then leave, and others come and implement their own style and ideas. And the rank and file then have to get used to a new person's choices, personality, and ways of doing things. Not to mention the "feeling out" process of determining what the new person's judgment and people skills are going to be like. Sometimes it seems like it's the teachers, or the people in the pews, who maintain the stability, while the leadership comes and goes. I know that's not always true, but we've had a lot of major change in recent years (and this is coming from a person who actually likes change and innovation), and it does seem a little wearisome, or at least cause some apprehension, after awhile.

That may be too much soul-bearing, but so be it.

I'd like to get my Amish books reviewed on here this weekend and may strive for that.

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