Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Morning Misc.

--It is sure interesting that you can walk through any store that sells sports clothing, and most of the shorts and other items for girls/women/ladies are, shall we say, lacking in modesty; while the shorts for men and boys are knee-length and the tops cover far more for them than those designed for females.

--Made it through the wedding fine. Would not have, if our music teacher at school hadn't volunteered to take one song (that someone else was supposed to play but backed out the day before, which was when the bride asked me to try it). It was not easy and was more than I could sightread. It was a lovely wedding and was bilingual. Everything was done in first English and then Spanish (sometimes the reverse).

--Always good to see wonderful old friends, this time at Easter dinner at their home. ML and I would have been alone for dinner had they not invited us, and it made the holiday special for us. Thank you Gretchen and family!

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