Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lied Lodge

If you are ever in Nebraska City, NE (45 minutes south of Omaha, about the same east of Lincoln), you should try to check out Lied Lodge.  I found this place on the internet while we were looking for lodging for our trip.  When we drove up, Mike said "You really know how to pick them!"  We really enjoyed the ambiance of this place.

It's run by the Arbor Day Foundation, so everything is very nature-oriented.  The high roof of the lobby is held up by lodgepole pines from the northwest, so the entire atmosphere reminded us of the hotels in Glacier National Park, which we visited fifteen years ago.

There were a lot of nature trails on the property.  We didn't get to explore as far as we would have liked because of a wedding reception being held in the barns at the end of the trail.  There were a lot of bird sounds that we recognized but it was close to sundown and there weren't places to sit still along the trails long enough to get the birds to come close.  

The view from the back terrace of the hotel.  Part of the terrace is at the back of the lodge dining room, so we ate a couple of meals out back overlooking the orchards and woods.

It looks almost like part of a castle.

Mike on the trails.  This was a nice place to visit and I highly recommend it.

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