Monday, June 11, 2012

Swimming-Pool Cake

I wanted to post this last week, during ML's birthday week, but never got it done.  Out of all her birthday cakes, this was the one that she and I had the most fun decorating.  I just wish it was a better picture and that the close-ups were more visible.
This was a swimming pool cake.  The brown part is the lid of a copy-paper box with the inside cut out at just the right size so that a 13x9 cake pan could be lowered down into the hole.  We iced the cake with blue icing, of course, and then added blue gel for waves.  We decorated it with teddy-bear grahams that had all manner of swimming suits piped onto them with various colors of icing.  We made a diving board with a stick of chewing gum on the top of a stack of unwrapped starburst candies, beach towels out of chewing gum also, and plastic pool rings out of gummy LifeSavers.

We had so much fun decorating that cake that it was almost a disappointment to finally cut and eat it.


Barbara H. said...

What a cute idea!

Nog Blog said...

Very fun...and I see a little bit of Rhoda in this picture of ML.

Ada said...

Great cake. So fun to do those special things with your kids - and grandkids.