Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wisdom from Amy Carmichael

On our trip I did some reading on Kindle for iPad.  One book I've downloaded on there is 10 People Every Christian Should Know by Warren Wiersbe.  In the chapter devoted to Amy Carmichael, he writes the following:

"Amma and her associates practiced John 15:7, trusting God to guide them by the Word and provide for their needs one day at a time.  I think it would be good for some of us to get acquainted with Amy Carmichael's principles for prayer:

(1) We don't need to explain to our Father things that are known to Him.

(2) We don't need to press Him, as if we had to deal with an unwilling God.

(3) We don't need to suggest to Him what to do, for He Himself knows what to do.

"If all of us took these principles to heart, think of the religious speeches that would be silenced in many prayer meetings."


Barbara H. said...

I was thinking I had read that book, but I had read 50 People Every Christian Should Know by the same author.

These are very helpful, especially the thoughts that Gos is not unwilling to help us, and we don't need to suggest courses of action to Him.

Ann said...

Barbara, I wouldn't be surprised if this eBook is a cutting from the one you read.