Monday, July 9, 2012

Evolution of a Pool Liner

We had to put a new liner in our pool this year.  It's been one of those things that would have been nice to do as long as three years ago, but was not a necessity until this year.  The large rips in this picture show why.  And those are not the only rips - there were others at the other end.  Very small rips can be repaired but one of this size cannot.  The liner was about fifteen years old, so we had gotten the use out of it.

I've spared the reader any more "before" pictures, because the combination of the ripped liner and the algae-ridden water is not pleasant to look at.

 After the water was drained out.  That process took several days.

This is the big day of the replacement.  I was at school, but Mike was here, and he documented the entire process very carefully.  Here is removal of the old lining.

The empty hole in the ground--

Cleaning and doing maintenance to the basic pool.

Unrolling the new liner into the hole in the ground--

Bags against the bottom edge to keep liner taut--

This vacuum pump kept the sides of the liner taut against the side of the pool during the filling process.

Some of the last steps of the process--

Filling with water.  That took three days.

Deep end is almost full--

And this is the final result.  The pattern looks like ceramic tiles so it is especially nice to be in.  We have enjoyed it this summer very much.  We were told by the one who paid for the liner that we'd better enjoy it - or else.


Barbara H. said...

That's really interesting -- I had no idea that was a liner. I guess I thought it was tile or some other surface like linoleum that was glued on. Looks really nice -- and really inviting!

Ann said...

Come spend a day with me, Barbara, and you can enjoy it also!!!