Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Misc.

--According to my dad's rain gauge, we have gotten almost 3 inches of rain over the past five days.  It has been wonderful.  Friday morning I awakened to the sound of rain, which is an almost unheard-of event any more.  It was so pleasant that I just laid in bed and read for awhile - also an almost unheard-of event any more.

--The tomatoes right now are absolutely beautiful.  I haven't picked any off of our plants yet, but ML's friend gave us some from his dad's garden, and I also have gotten some from Mom and from the farmer's market.  BLT sandwiches have been on the menu for three nights in a row, and slices of a tomato with a little salt are delicious by themselves.  Maybe today I'll have a good, old-fashioned southern 'mater sandwich.

--On Thursday I got a book at a local thrift store for $1; listed it yesterday on eBay, and last night got a message that someone had used Buy It Now to purchase it for $8.  Not a bad return on the investment.  This summer has been a little slow for eBay - just haven't had anything worth selling.  Usually I've had access to some form of textbooks, workbooks, or other things that homeschoolers are vying to get in the summer, but this year has been slow, slow, slow.


rk2 said...

Mmmm, a BLT with fresh tomato sounds wonderful!!!

Beth said...

Surely does sound good! Haven't seen any Northern Ohio tomatoes yet, but its been hot enough, and we haven't had much of that rain you speak of!