Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Misc.

  • I turned a corner with going to the gym today.  For the past three weeks it's been "Ugh, I need to go to the gym."  Today I felt like "I've got to get to the gym - haven't been there since Friday!"  And I have doubled my time on the elliptical, so feel like I'm getting someplace.
  • What would I have done without Labor Day this week?  It took all day to get everything done I needed to do.  The papers are finally graded, the kitchen is cleaned up, the bills are paid, and three loads of laundry are done.  Got a little more schoolwork to do on line - but this really needs doing also.  Doesn't it?
  • Both offspring were home this weekend.  We went to hear Andrew sing at another church last night.  He sang three songs with their church quartet and did really well.
  • ML and I stopped by our school library for her to get some children's picture books to read for her children's lit. class.  That brought back a lot of memories and is probably good for a post all by itself.

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