Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Misc.

--Charles Krauthammer on Fox News tonight:  "I'm surprised President Obama isn't blaming the hurricane on George Bush."

--Last night in the message the preacher read the verse in Genesis 2 about the woman being made from the man's rib.  Today in class one of my students said he punched his sister and said "Ha ha - you were made from a rib."  To which she shot back at him, "Well, you were made from dirt!"

--Yesterday I made an apple cake.  It was OK by itself, but the best part of it was the sauce on the top - 6 tbsp. butter, half a cup brown sugar, and half a cup corn syrup, boiled together for about 30 seconds and allowed to cool.  I kept out enough for a taste (or two) and to share at school today, and sent the rest with ML to my folks and to some friends' house where she was headed.

--Tonight Mike grilled hamburgers, went to the grocery and got buns, chips, and slaw, set the table, invited my folks for supper, heated up baked beans, got out all the condiments and drinks, AND cleaned up afterward.  I believe he is a keeper.

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