Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thoughts on Independent Voters, Undecided Voters, and Airheaded People

I've been watching some of the hype surrounding the debate, as well as the entire election circus that we are subjected to.

I can see why some people identify as "independent" based on the fact that they do not want to be beholden to any one party.  I cannot, however, see how anyone can be "undecided" at this stage of the game unless their core values are so confused that they do not know what they believe and what they stand for.  The choice is so stark, so clear-cut as to the different visions of the two candidates, that by now any thinking person would have to know which candidate they agree with and can support.

However, some of the people interviewed in "focus groups" were nauseous in their responses.  This morning I heard a lady say that she was "leaning" toward Obama "because he has two daughters so I think he understands women better."  Please.  The future of our country is at stake and that is your reasoning?  No matter which candidate a person is supporting, the thinking has to be better than that!

Well, that is my Wednesday afternoon rant.  :-)


rk2 said...

Well said. My first year in MI I was in a group at work talking about the election. One girl said, "Sometimes I'm thinking I like Bush and then I think I like Kerry." I wondered when they were so different how you could easily go back and forth between the two and vote for either one.

Ann said...

Thanks and I agree!